Godot Wild Jam #47   

Theme: Symmetry      
Wildcard 1: 
Not Twice 
Wildcard 2:  Inventory Limited 
  Smokin' Potions is an explosive battle royale where players attempt to eliminate each other and be the last one standing. First to obtain 3 match stars wins the game!

 Beware: Magic portals have opened up and will lay potions symmetrically through each quadrant.

Use potions to destroy breakable objects in the level and find Magical artifacts like Runes and Scrolls! Runes come in 4 different elements: Arcane (Pink), Earth (Green), Fire (Orange), and Ice (Blue). Scrolls might give you an edge... Or be your downfall.

 Use a single Rune to quickly power up your potion or find two Runes to create new explosive combinations. Double Runes of the same element create a bigger effect than it's single Rune mix.

 Over too fast? Return as a ghost to seek revenge and come back to life. Ghosts can't place potions but are able to interact with already placed potions. Killing another player will resurrect you with 1 Heart. Make it count! 

Move - W, A, S, D  or Arrow Keys
Place Potion - Space Bar 
Kick Potion - Walk into potion
Grab and Throw - E and E Again
Collect Power-ups - Walk over them 
Revive - Kill another player as a ghost


Smokin' Potions was made using Godot,  Aseprite, and Cubase 10 Pro

 Artist - Jenna Wing-Hu (Memao)
Developer - Bryan Reed (Bronsky)
Developer - Ross Root (SleepingRobot)  
Music/SFX - Bryce Wilcox (esphron)
Music - Seth Garcia (SethTheTrash)

- Godot Particle Tutorials by PlayWithFurcifer
- Godot Particle Tutorials by KidsCanCode
- Explosion art asset

 Thanks for Playing Smokin' Potions!


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Game is awesome, I love the ghost effect after you die xD 


I want this game to get updates! This was a really unique experience.


Wooo! This game is a blast! Love the character creation and the effect art is fantastic.